Child Internet Safety

The second annual Child Internet Safety summit bought together officials from across the education sector and those responsible for safeguarding children. Senior officials including Heads of ICT in Local and Central Government/Education departments and Head Teachers, Police, IT Managers, Social Services and E-safety experts all came together to establish how we can educate children to avoid becoming the victims of online predators. This unique platform, recognised on a global scale as the only one of its kind, aims to equip teachers, front line practitioners and parents with the skills, knowledge and resources to convey important age-appropriate messages within the classroom and beyond. By introducing delegates to companies and suppliers who are leading the way in developing tools and services that will combat the exploitation of children online, the summit is the only place where you can access the latest developments in online child safety amongst like minded colleagues who share the same goals - protect children from online dangers.

If you work with children on any aspect of internet safety, you’re a parent Governor of a school, head of a local safeguarding board, working in law enforcement, responsible for pursing online predators, then be sure to register your interest for the 2015 summit.

Child Internet Safety - showing parents and practitioners how to enjoy a safer connected world with our children.