About Us

Engage Media Solutions is a Social Enterprise that’s passionate about enhancing children’s knowledge of the digital world. Through our events, online resources and forthcoming consumer show, we are on a mission to connect and empower parents, practitioners, carers and all who work with children, through education, to demonstrate how they can enjoy a safer digital life.

The brains behind the company is mother of two Aisha Tilstone. Jacob and Jasmine are two reasons why events like the Child Internet Safety summit, GreenSkills4Green Jobs and forthcoming Digital Kids Show exist. Whilst enjoying the benefits of enhancing her children’s minds through the usual gadgets and gizmos, Aisha realised that there was something missing from the family tech market – Easily accessible education, resources, information, guidance, advice, people/places to turn to for assistance when you’re unsure about the things you encounter online. “When your child is distressed by what they see online or you don’t want them to view vulgar content, parents want to do everything they can to protect them. You want access to the people who can help you with your child being bullied, you want to know how you can stop abusive content getting through to their device, I want my children to enjoy the benefits of the web and not be frightened to use reputable websites and devices. Finding trusted information is a minefield for some of us and Engage Media Solutions is dedicated to giving parents and practitioners access to the very best resources online and in environments that empower them with information.”

Social networks, ISP’s, games manufacturers, network operators, tablet manufacturers, anyone who provides a service or product that connects you to the net has an obligation to keep you safe whilst using their product. Engage Media Solutions provides a platform for parents, children, teachers, senior government officials and communities around the world to meet the experts behind their tablet, software, handset, games console, home hub, virtual playground or other connected device so that they can experience first-hand how to stay safe whilst enjoying the benefits of being online.

We’re a small team, so we keep our service personal. If you like what we do at our events and our online resource, we stick with the formula and if you don’t agree with something or you think we could improve in any way, we take your feedback on board and rethink the way we do things.

We were established 6 years ago and our small, but experienced team combines nearly 30 years of event production and management, marketing, public relations, advertising, sales and consumer focus.  We ensure each product assists our client to achieve their ROI whilst ensuring we never compromise our company’s integrity.  In this crowded market place of events, conferences, seminars and forums, Engage Media Solutions stand above the rest by Connecting and Empowering through Education, so everyone benefits. We are the best at what we do because enhancing every child's digital future and helping parents to bridge the digital divide between their families is our mission. 

The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.